P.O. Box 431 Clare MI, 48617

Office: 989-802-0755

As Grandma said, "Many hands makes for light work."

Chris Cakes is designed to make the work easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. Our inexpensive price per plate is based on partnering with your group and the volunteers that you provide. If you are unable to provide us with those volunteers, we reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly.

What is expected from your group:

  • Someone to assist our Flippers upon arrival with basic unloading
  • Set-up of tables and chairs and service tables
  • Light serving (sausage & drinks)
  • Refilling syrup bottles
  • General area clean-up and several trash receptacles
  • Two 6-8’ serving tables for each serving line required
  • Access to potable (drinking) water
  • Access to one 110 volts/15-amp electrical outlet
  • Someone to assist our Flippers upon departure with basic reloading

Chris Cakes can cook, flip, and provide a show faster than your guests can go through the serving line. We suggest considering the following to help the flow of your event:

  1. Know the occupancy for the room in which you are serving
  2. Each grill serves 200 people/hour (depending on the appetites). We allow a maximum of 3 hours for serving time and will dispatch an - additional grill if needed.
  3. Pre-sell tickets with seating times. For groups of 300 or more (i.e., closed events, schools, etc.), we suggest selling 75 tickets every 30 minutes. That will also allow for walk-ins. For a ticket template, click here.
  4. Planning other activities to augment your event which will draw a crowd. Contact our office for ideas in you planning stages.

One week prior, when you confirm your event numbers, please alert our office if seating times were assigned so our flippers can be prepared. Also, verify your volunteers are ready for the event.

National Cherry Festival Flying Flapjacks prior to the Blue Angels Air Show

We Flip Burgers too

Breakfast with Santa An ongoing Chris Cakes tradition